Logbear Oy Ltd is a metal industry company manufacturing and marketing forest machines and accessories with product name Logbear®.

We are manufacturing forest machines and equipment for roadless forestry thinnings. Our machines are light and agile. Our product line consists of F4000 Forwarder, FH4000 Combi Machine and FG016 Felling Grapple.


The equipment system is flexible and productivity of wood handling can be achieved on significantly low costs. We take a great responsibility and put our effort in engineering, production and after sales actions on better productivity both on the forest and machine contractors.
Our location on the Arctic circle has given excellent surroundings for testing our machines in both deep snow and on swampy grounds.


Riuttolehto Oy expanded its business by buying the majority of shares of Logbear Oy Ltd in December 2014. With this business agreement different kinds of forest machine solutions will grow and the clients have more alternatives where to choose from.