Logbear FH4000 Combi machine

The FH4000 Combi machine is both a Forwarder and a Harvester. In short the loading grapple on the forwarder is replaced with a harvester head or vice versa. The replacement work is moderate, a. 30 minutes with the changing stay.

The Client can choose himself the harvesting head to the Combi machine. For example the following harvesting heads can be chosen: Tapio 350 stroke, Keto Forst or Nisula 325N. All Harvesting Heads have a felling diameter of some over 30 cm. The power of the loader is sufficient for handling of trees in a thinning when the trees have a medium size of 50-100 dm³. The thinning work can be done as high quality work - and especially, the Forwarder can use exactly same track as the harvester since it is the same machine.

The measuring device can be chosen from variety of models. Productivity in a thinning is on the average level, only with remarkably lower costs. Logbear machines are an excellent choice for a "one man" contractor!

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